Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Whole Man

I've been reading George, Being George (edited by Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr.).  It's much more interesting than a straight-forward biography, because it is a collection of interviews by people who knew George Plimpton.  I'm only about halfway through (into the founding of The Paris Review), but the "George" who has emerged is a man to emulate.

KATHY AINSWORTH: "[...] I'd never had an adult gentleman with beautiful manners, lots of fun, a wonderful dancer, who took me everywhere.  He was my first sort of knight errant.  He introduced me to everything.  He told me what to read.  Whether it was culunary, literary, or in bed, he taught me everything.  I expected there to be another George in my life, but there never was.  There was either passion and no manners, or there were lots of manners and no passion, or they didn't read, or I don't know.  He was a whole man."

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