Monday, December 5, 2011

"Something in the way she Says..."

(Okay, so that was a bad use of the beginning of a great line.  Sorry.  But it came from a British artist, which is topical.)

There is something about the British Accent.  My wife and I were watching Four Weddings and Funeral not long ago and my wife said something to the effect, "Do you notice how someone with a British accent can say the most awful, disgusting things and it still sounds elegant?"  (This in reference to Mr. Grant's prolific use of the "F" word.)

But it's true.  If you watch enough films with British characters (and they must be of a certain class as well...), you'll see what I'm saying.  On the other hand, a lower-class British accent can make a prayer sound dirty (try watching a Guy Ritchie film).

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