Monday, December 5, 2011

Buckley Style

I am a huge fan of Life Magazine archives on Google books.  I would love to have old copies of these magazines, but my wife would never let me take up that much storage space.  So here's the next best thing.

One of the articles that I found interesting was a profile on the Buckley family.  There's quite a bit of history in this article about this impressive clan.  But I think I loved the pictures even more.  I've always enjoyed pictures of the Kennedys at home.  But there's something messier about the Buckleys that I find very refreshing.  I've included a couple of photos here from Life images at Google.  I just can't imagine Jack Kennedy allowing himself to look as goofy (and human) as William F. Buckley does.  He looks like he's really having fun--not just posing.  Enjoy.

I really like his sister, Priscilla, in the William F. sweatshirt.  Can't imagine Pat Kennedy running around in a  sweatshirt with Jack's picture on it.

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